The U.S. Embassy in Vietnam’s Regional English Language Office (RELO Vietnam) and VietTESOL Association (VTA) are co-sponsoring a virtual English Language Teaching Conference for pre-service and in-service English language schoolteachers in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. The goal of the conference is to build English language teaching capacity by exploring innovative practices and problem-solving strategies that are currently in use by ELT educators who are past exchange participants in the U.S. Department of State’s sponsored Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program. This announcement is meant to serve as a formal call for proposals from the conference organizers.  

Presentations and Demonstrations

Alumni of the Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia are invited to submit proposals to participate in this international conference.  The audience for this event will be primary, middle, and high school ELT teachers as well as pre-service ELT teachers.  Proposals are invited for either (1) presentations that discuss key issues related to the conference themes or (2) demonstrations that walk through the actual use of specific practices or strategies.  Proposals should be 250 words or less, and the title should be 10 words or less.  Finally, the proposals should be written in English using correct grammar and vocabulary. Proposals are to be submitted via VietTESOL’s conference management system at by July 15, 2021.  Selected contributors will be notified no later than July 20, 2021. The organizers will not provide honorarium for the speakers. 

Specific Instructions for Potential Contributors

All presentations and demonstrations for this international conference will be organized into one of two streams: (a) innovative practices (b) problem-solving strategies.  On the next page, are details on both streams.  Please read them carefully. All proposals for this conference must clearly connect in some specific way to one of these streams. 

Innovative Practices Stream

Problem-Solving Strategies Stream

Innovative Practice workshops will be used to present ideas or to demonstrate techniques related to effective teaching methods that have recently been discovered or introduced into ELT classes and programs.   

Problem-Solving Strategy workshops will present ideas or demonstrate techniques connected to difficulties teachers and students experience when studying English language communication. 

Innovative Practices proposals should include:

  1. a description of the creative approach or method that will be the focus of this workshop.

  2. an explanation of the situations in which this creative approach / method was used.

  3. a summary of how you will organize your presentation (outline, time, activities).

Problem-solving strategies proposals should include:

  1. a description of the teaching problem or the student difficulties related to the workshop.

  2. a discussion of how you dealt with this situation as well as the impact it had on the class.

  3. a summary of how you will organize your presentation (outline, time, activities).

In addition to these stream-specific considerations, workshop proposals should also be based upon your personal experience and research (as applicable).  Moreover, participants who attend your workshop should be able to leave with ideas, materials, or activities that they can adapt or apply in their classroom.

Please note that all workshops for this conference must be presented in English.

Selection Criteria

A team of both Vietnamese and International ELT professionals will review workshop proposals and select those best suited for participation in this International ELT Conference.  Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  1. the usefulness of the proposed presentation or workshop to the local needs of Vietnamese ELT teachers;

  2. the clarity of the writing (including word choice, organization, sentence structure);

  3. the strength of connection to one of the two conference streams above as determined from the workshop abstract.


University of Central Florida


Tay Bac University
Vice Dean
Hung Yen University of Technology and Edcuation
Hanoi National University of Education
Hanoi National University of Education
Teacher trainer
Hanoi Metropolitan University
Lecturer, Dean
Hanoi Pedagogical University 2
Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Adminnistration
English teacher
Hoa Lu University
Lecturer & PhD candidate
Hanoi National University of Education & Monash University
University of Central Florida

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